NPF jobs 2022 National police foundation  Islamabad jobs 2022

NPF jobs 2022 National police foundation

Islamabad jobs 2022

in this article we are the discussing other the his job Information Of job is the police foundation jobs 2022it is the published was 2022 in the daily news paper or the national police foundation is giving the best opportunity from all the qualifications applicant for the job spots in the job I. every one must application will be received by may 18 2022all the submit entire most be submitted the form between us n 16-18-may 2022in the job in every one withal literacy or the Master degree are the able to the qualify for the field of jobs

Jobs in formation

it is the best opportunity for the man and woman because in the job is required the university recognized degree but the in the job is best opportunity for give the Punjab government

Location jobs
Punjab, Islamabad

News paper in publish
daily news

job category

job type full type

full Time

National police foundation

publishes date of job 16 may 2022

Last date 30 June 2022

vacant position site engineering
security supervisor
driver LTV
security guard

site Engineer

in the NPF department job is apply the Suitable candidate it is the best opportunity for the man and woman so the his the job in one post in the here man eligible Carter is required it is the big post so in the post in apply the here man and woman

no of post        1

Qualifications. DAE

Experience. 01-05year

Salary. 40,000

About information of site engineering job

the some information of the job is in the job is required the high quality student means the HSC recognized degree of university or the experience is required 5years but in the job is high education is the one casing because in the job is give the 40thousand salary pay here month

Recovery Officer

the job is the required the fa FSC education but his the job based location in Punjab on the job in apply the here Suitable candidate so the government job on Punjab

NO of post

Qualification    FaFsc

Experience. 01-03years

salary 25,000

some information of Recovery Officer

the recovery Officer post is the smallest of deputy commissioner Mena’s his the post in work is the inspector so the post in required the 3years experience is required but his the job is apply the here man and the woman it is the only based but his the job is required the fa FSC degree is recognized because his the job is start the joins of salary of is 25,000 so the best opportunity because in the job in only one post is announced

Security supervisor

the job so the based on the location of raja Bazar in the Islamabad it is the best opportunity int he job In need the head of supervisor of security guard his the duty timing is full time means his the duty Time is start 8am – 8pm

no of post

Qualifications fa fsc

Experience. 07years

salary. 32,000


the job is the best opportunity but in the job is full duty Time but his the job in starting duty Time is morning to evening because it sit he head f the secure the guard job because it is the supervisor post sot eh his the post in required for FaFsc degree is recognized and the experience is required the 7year or the high paying salary in the job starting the salary of 32,000 because it sit he supervisor post

Driver LTV

the job is the driving it sit he drive the car of deputy commissioner because the best opportunity for the men only man is the only for the job so the in the job in known the how to drive the car
No of post 06

salary 250,000

information of about the post

his t he job on required the Suitable candidate because this job for only eligible criteria but in the job is 6 post is the vacant the HW one post officer is drive the commission car or the second post vacant officer is drive the car of inspector or the other post of vacant is the deputy of the so in the job is one experience is required the or the must it is the best be required the driving lineless matric pass education person is apply for the job opportunity

Security guard

the job is the best opportunity because in the job is suitable candidate is required the many post so in the job is not require the higher education but his the job for required the only man

No of post


matric pass


About information

the job is the best information because the job is more the post the post because it is the security card post when the more the education is active grow to the seat or make the constable in the job in total 16post

How to apply

the many people is the want job so the his apply method is very simple just hard form apply through the post office or the online apply all the document will be complete thought eh government website on apply